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The Team

Our Story

Carrie Dove Catering & Events has been a cornerstone of exceptional catering experiences for over two decades. Our mission, encapsulated in the phrase “comfortably elegant”, drives everything we do. From the moment you reach out to us, to the final bite of your meticulously crafted meal, our team exemplifies the hospitality your event deserves. We provide full-service catering with a focus on flawlessly executing every aspect of your event, from event planning and decor to creating delicious, comfortably elegant dishes. Our seasonal California Cuisine blends global flavors with locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, all customized to your preferences and inspired by client requests.

Our Values

We’re more than just a team—we’re a work family. Our dedication to each other translates into exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere for our clients. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re joining a community that values hard work, humility, teamwork, good attitudes and happiness. Experience the difference in working with Carrie Dove Catering & Events.


The smiling face behind the name! Believed by many to be a unicorn, Carrie Dove is actually the amazing chef who had the dream and built the team. Having handed over the reins to pursue the next chapter in her career, our former captain is now our biggest cheerleader!


The sales team sprinkles charm like seasoning, turning maybes into definitelies and curious clicks into enthusiastic clients.


The events team members are the maestros of memorable moments, the architects of excitement, and the wizards behind the curtain of your unforgettable experiences.


With a pinch of passion and a dash of talent, they transform humble ingredients into culinary delights, turning meals into memories.


The operations team are the silent heroes who ensure that everything runs smoothly and that every product is stored, picked, and packed with care and precision.

Human Resources & Staffing

The secret sauce of our team! They create order from chaos, and make sure everyone’s happy and on track. Like a Swiss Army knife they are always there to offer solutions, support, and maybe even a bit of office magic when needed.

Our Restaurant

Join us at our sister restaurant in Alameda, Saltbreaker! At Saltbreaker, we proudly offer delicious cuisines and refreshing signature cocktails. We utilize California’s seasonal produce, support local farmers and we believe in maintaining a healthy and equitable workplace that directly reflects on our guests’ experience.

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